Dow Corning Introduces Water-Saving Eco Softener for Denim

Dow Corning Introduces Water- Saving Eco Softener for Denim
Dow Corning, global producer of silicon-based performance-enhancing materials, has introduced a new patent-pending granulated silicone technology for fabric processing that addresses concerns about the effects of manufacturing processes on natural resources.
Dow CorningGP 8000 Eco Softener offers a unique combination of properties that enables denim processors to combine previously incompatible steps, the company reports. This eliminates separate washing requirements, thus significantly reducing water usage, as well as energy requirements, utility costs and processing time, while also increasing productivity.
GP 8000 Eco Softener has the potential to save up to 15 liters of water on every pair of jeans, resulting in sustainable benefits for brand owners, garment processors and textile formulators worldwide.
"Fashion and comfort still remain the main drivers for selecting apparel,Ã.Ã.‚¬å¡Ã‚¬Ãƒ•Ã‚¡Ã‚¬VbCrLf said Anthony Feng, Dow Corning's global industry director for textiles. "But today's consumer also considers the ecological effects of producing these fabrics."
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Cotton Incorporated Offers Innovation for Denim
Cotton Incorporated is offering highperformance cotton technologies including STORM DENIM and STAY TRUE COTTON.
STORM DENIM technology combines water repellency and wind-resistance protection with the inherent breathability of cotton. Applied in garment form, the STORM DENIM technology does not limit fashionable embellishments or effects, and does not affect the hand of the garments, reports Cotton Incorporated. It is an ideal technology for workwear and extreme sports categories.
The STAY TRUE COTTON technology helps indigo-dyed and tinted denim retain their original color, longer. Untreated denim can lose as much as 17 percent of a garment's original color after just 10 home launderings.
With the STAY TRUE COTTON technology, it takes 25 home launderings to show a small (7 percent) decrease in original color intensity. The technology is also being optimized for black denim. This is particularly important at this time, the organization reports, because its recent research reveals that consumers say that their next denim purchase will be medium or dark blue.
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Mangrum Joins Nilit
Nilit, a global producer of nylon 6.6, has appointed Ronald Mangrum to head Nilit America Corp., the company's North American Fibers and Plastics Division, headquartered in Greensboro, NC.
Mangrum, a fiber industry veteran, comes to Nilit with 17 years of experience with Unifi, one of Nilit's premier business partners. At Unifi, Mangrum held the position of general manager with responsibility for manufacturing, sales and customer service.
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