Dow Corning Launches New Silicone Softener for Performance, Sustainability

Dow Corning recently introduced OP-8800 Premium Hydrophilic Softener, a technology the company says offers excellent softness, water absorbency and wicking, with minimum to no impact on whiteness and stain-release properties of fluorocarbon-treated textiles.

Additionally, the firm reports that because the new softener is composed of a novel silicone polymer, vaporization of organic compound (VOC) emissions is limited.

"Recent market trends along the entire textile industry value chain, especially in the home textiles and apparel markets, have required that formulators develop ecologically sound, safe, high-performance, multifunctional textile finishes," said Fernando Vazquez, textiles technical leader at Dow Corning Americas. "We believe OP-8800 Softener is the perfect product to help formulators with those needs."

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