DOW XLA Stretch Fiber Adopted by CasaModa

CasaModa recently introduced eight shirts designed to be comfortable to wear and easy to care for  that use Dow's "DOW XLA" stretch-fiber. According to the German company, it plans to integrate the fiber in further shirt collections in 2009. 

"As the only stretch fiber that can support a true non-iron finish, [Dow XLA] enhances the look, hand, feel, freedom of movement and longevity of our shirts," said Klaus Katt, CEO of CasaModa. Dow reports that the properties of DOW XLA, combined with CasaModa's patented process to prevent puckering at the seams, results in crisp-looking shirts that don't require ironing. 

The shirts from CasaModa are available in black and white and numerous other colors as well as in long- and short-sleeve styles.

Dow says the DOW XLA fiber underscores the firm's strategy to strengthen its portfolio with products that support high-value end-use applications. DOW XLA is being used by brands including Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, Burberry Japan and Tommy Hilfiger.
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