Dressbarn Parent Company Defines Brands with Esri GIS

Ascena Retail Group, the parent company of Dressbarn, Maurices and Justice, is integrating Esri GIS analysis tools, demographic data, and map visualization into its business processes. Esri technology helps Acena follow a customer centric approach for store development and market planning. It also helps the retailer identify key demographics and store profiles for each location to layer and segment the brands.
"Working with Esri is helping our company maintain its distinct market presence across brands and reinforce the specialty store experience throughout its 2,500 locations," said Kevin Ryks, director of financial planning for Maurices. "We have found that each brand can be successful in very different and unique types of markets."
Ascena Retail Group uses GIS to quickly access the suitability of sites and market potential, streamlining the development process and reducing the cost and time to bring projects to completion. Esri spatial analysis helps Ascena assess the suitability of potential store locations and their market potential by viewing possible sites and information about them such as square footage, what is around them and the socioeconomic makeup of the community. This analysis is a key element of the ongoing development, evolution, and growth of the brands and store footprint.
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