DressLily Updates Mobile Applications To Better Display Products

DressLily is a world renowned fashion e-commerce brand that sells both apparel and accessories. DressLily has been able to harbor impressive amounts of traffic and sales through their aggressive pricing and eye for quality control. Customer satisfaction is what keeps DressLily profitable and the company is always looking for ways to appease its user base. Today DressLily is proud to announce the launch of video descriptions of products. These videos will be unaltered looks at the products being sold, adding a new layer of transparency. 

The fashion e-commerce industry has many illegitimate companies running, many of which are using stolen or fake images to persuade customers to buy products. DressLily is on a crusade to be an industry leader in fighting copyright and  fake images. DressLily has recently begun using its own in house models and watermarks to show its customers that the company's products are legitimate. Customers have been happy with these changes, and DressLily has since been looking to do more.

Today DressLily is proud to announce video descriptions of products. Videos are hard to alter, DressLily is looking to use this as an advantage to show the company's products are as real as they come. Videos show true colors, fabric quality, and design without having to swipe through many pictures. Videos of products will be found on the product description page and if a video is available it will take the first thumbnail of where pictures used to be. Customers still looking for pictures can swipe to the next thumbnail to see specific model pictures.

DressLily engineers have major bug fixes on its mobile apps, making the shopping experience even easier. On top of bug fixes, the new app has more mobile specific deals and sales. Customers using the mobile app for DressLily will now get cheaper prices on many products. DressLily looks to continue the growth of its mobile app through exclusive promotions; customers are encouraged to keep checking the app for these deals.

DressLily is excited for customers to try out the new video feature and mobile app. The video feature will be live on November 16 and the mobile app update is live now. Sister sites of DressLily, Rosewholesale and Twinkledeals have their mobile updates coming soon. Rosewholesale will be November 14th and Twinkledeals' app is still going through updates.
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