Drugstore.com Expands Sales Internationally

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Drugstore.com Expands Sales Internationally

Drugstore.com utilizes the FiftyOne Global E-commerce Solution from E4X to expand its sales internationally. Drugstore.com expects to be able to provide a wide selection of over-the-counter products to customers in 34 countries before the end of the year.

"We're seeing increasing demand for our over-the-counter products from outside of the United States and we believe the FiftyOne Global E-commerce solution from E4X will enable a cost-effective expansion opportunity in a short period of time," says Dawn Lepore, CEO and chairman of drugstore.com.

The FiftyOne Global E-commerce platform from E4X helps international e-commerce for both retailers and consumers. Shoppers visiting a retailer's U.S.-based e-commerce site from outside the U.S. are shown only the merchandise, pricing, and delivery options available in their country. Meanwhile, to the retailer, international sales are managed to look the same as any domestic sale. The FiftyOne platform addresses all aspects of an international transaction - including local country merchandising, multi-currency payments, global logistics and delivery, and post-sale customer support.

This platform will enable drugstore.com to facilitate market expansion with:

Local Country Merchandising: Web site localization, local currency product pricing, restricted product screening, and low landed costs make international customers feel welcome.

Multi-Currency Payments: Multicurrency credit card processing, international credit card fraud protection, currency management, and USD settlement helps ensure customers are charged and pay in their own currency, while retailers are paid in U.S. dollars at the time of order - without foreign exchange risk.

Global Logistics and Delivery: U.S. retailers ship to a U.S.-based hub and FiftyOne handles the customs clearance, international shipping, package tracking, and return shipping. International customers receive the low landed cost for delivery to their door - with no surprise fees or surcharges.

Post-Sale Support: FiftyOne returns management and customer service tools help U.S. retailers provide international shoppers with the same level of customer service provided to domestic shoppers.