DuPont Says Demand Remains High for Renewably Sourced Products

According to a recent Cone Consumer Survey, 44 percent of consumers say their "green" buying habits remain unchanged despite the current economy and one-third of consumers say they are more likely to buy green today than they were previously.
In citing the study, DuPont reports that its own portfolio of renewably sourced products is seeing an increase in demand among well-known fashion apparel brands such as Izod, Timberland, Calvin Klein Golf and others.
John P. Ranieri, vice president and general manager, DuPont BioMaterials, says that customer demand for renewably sourced products - a portfolio that he says represents a $14 billion market opportunity - has nearly doubled since the company opened its first bio-based production lines in 2006.
The products, made from renewably sourced materials instead of petroleum-derived materials, reduce environmental impact while offering superior performance. The portfolio began with DuPont Sorona polymer and now includes nine renewable product families that contain a minimum of 20 percent renewable content by weight.
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