DuPont Sorona Ramps Up Renewable Polymer Output

DuPont Sorona Ramps Up Renewable Polymer Output
DuPont Sorona is increasing production of its eco-friendly Sorona polymers following a period of major capital investment.
Production is in full gear at the firm's new U.S. factory that is making Bio-PDO, the key ingredient in Sorona fiber, which can be used alone or blended with other fibers to offer qualities of both nylon and polyester.
The company also has started up a plant in China to make Sorona polymer from the Bio-PDO from the new U.S. operation.
The first fabrics made of these polymers, which trace their origins back to corn sugar instead of the traditional petroleum base, should hit the market this quarter, says Dawson Winch, global product manager, DuPont Sorona.
DuPont Sorona is collaborating with some leading apparel brands on hangtag programs for the spring 2008 and fall 2009 seasons. The labeling will promote the environmental advantages of Sorona.
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Hafner Unveils High-Tech Fabrics
Hafner, a Canada-based textile manufacturer, has introduced several high-tech fabrics, including ThinSkin, Body Care and YB Wet.
ThinSkin is a lightweight base layer fabric with moisture-management properties. Hafner is marketing it for apparel for running, cycling and other fitness activities. The fabric is engineered with a mesh construction so that apparel firms do not need to use separate mesh panels for ventilation, says Hafner director of merchandising Ruth Gordon.
Body Care is Hafner's line of fabrics that incorporate LycraBody Care's microencapsulation technology. The fabrics contain microcapsules that release substances such as aloe vera, vitamin E and subtle fragrances to add moisture, heal and neutralize odors.
YB Wet is a new high-performance fabric designed for water sports and other activities, such as triathlons, that require quick-drying textiles. YB Web incorporates Nano-Tex technology to repel water without sacrificing breathability, Hafner reports.
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Cognis Unveils Skintex Supercool
Cognis Care Chemicals has introduced SkintexSupercool, a technology for treating fabrics with high-tech microcapsules that provide a cooling sensation.
The microcapsules contain natural ingredients such as menthol and myritol, emollients and synthetic coolants, which they slowly release to the skin in response to friction and body heat generated between the fabric and the skin.
The finish has passed performance testing by independent research institutions. In consumer evaluations, participants who wore a T-shirt treated with the finish gave Skintex Supercool positive ratings for its cooling effect and fragrance, and said the finish enhanced their overall sense of well-being.
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Bemis Seam Tape Changes Color
Bemis has developed a new seam tape that changes color in response to temperature fluctuation.
The new tapes, designed for outerwear and other applications, can be customized with brand logos and other artwork to convey a brand's identity.
Bemis uses an ink in the tapes that appears and disappears in different temperatures. For instance, an outerwear designer could integrate the tape so that its logo or another graphic would suddenly appear on a jacket as the wearer engaged in an activity outdoors, and the garment came in contact with snow.
Apparel companies also can use the tapes for authentication, as part of anticounterfeiting strategies.
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H&V Offers New Embroidery Backing
Hollingsworth & Vose Company (H&V) has introduced Grade 3045 backing material for high-stitch-count embroidery applications.
The new material, developed in collaboration with a major U.S. cap manufacturer, is designed for applications of 7,500 stitches per inch or more.
"The manufacturer encountered problems such as backing perforation when using multiple layer designs, and turned to H&V to create a material that could overcome these challenges," said Jim Vogt, H&V director of sales and marketing for industrial specialties. "Grade 3045 enables them to produce uniform stitching, even around the edges, with a single ply."
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Dow Names New Customers
Dow Fiber Solutions has announced that two designer brands have selected its DOW XLA fiber for their latest collections.
The 2(x)ist brand of designer men's underwear is using DOW XLA fiber in its new "Liquid Cotton Collection." The brand reports that it chose the Dow fiber because it needed a material that offered enhanced shape retention, stretch comfort and bold, vibrant color.
Maryan Mehlhorn, one of Europe's leading beachwear designers, has incorporated DOW XLA into the new "Dynasty" collection. The fiber will be used in the high-end collection's one-piece, tankini and "monokini" styles.
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