DXL Using DynamicAction to Transform to Customer-centric, Digital-first Business

DXL has adopted DynamicAction to transform its business to a customer-centric, digital-first business. The solution is allowing the men's wear retailer to focus on the customer to successfully increase profitability, get immediate insight into opportunities to grow, and take action quickly while easily determining the results.

In the first three months using DynamicAction, DXL has been able to  pinpoint strategies to quickly grow current customer lifetime value and acquire new customers who are likely to turn into loyal, profitable customers. Using the solution, DXL expects to grow revenue from product recommendations and email by more than 100 percent in six months and generate 10 percent more profit from new customers within 12 months. 

It is not feasible for a retailer to have enough people on payroll to turn the mountains of data from every part of the organization into insight, to turn that insight into action and to make that action replicable and profitable,” said Sahal Laher, Chief Digital Officer and CIO at DXL. “The answer in modern and future retailing will be a combination of data clarity, advanced technology solutions and human oversight that allows for fast, accurate and business driving decision making."

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