This E-Comm Start-Up Wants to Make America Thankful Again

2/16/2017 has just launched the first e-commerce site to sell high-end lifestyle products at cost and empower customers to donate the markup (less costs and salaries) to any non-profit in the U.S. The company recently wrapped a successful Kickstarter campaign, exceeding its $55,000 goal by thousands. Its inaugural campaign is "Make America Thankful Again."

Founders Ricardo Jose Bueso and Ricardo Juan Bueso were inspired to launch the company to help realize a dream of their father, Ricardo Sr., a Guatemalan immigrant and retired Vietnam vet who instilled a sense of duty and service in his sons.

"Our dad taught us focusing on realities and how to improve them rather than money alone is the way to be truly rich,"said Ricardo Juan Bueso. "Growing up in Miami, we saw so many organizations doing important work in our community struggle to get funding and wanted to help."

The Bueso brothers, whose backgrounds are in investment banking and sustainable development, are the latest to embrace the trend of mindful commerce - the evolution of "voting with your wallet" for a generation of consumers who want their purchases to have a positive impact.

"We've spent years assembling a sustainable supply chain that will give our customers access to high-end lifestyle products they'll use every day," added Ricardo Jose Bueso. "They can take what would have been the markup, or any amount they want, and donate it to the cause they're passionate about." sells high-end soaps, candles, coffee, notebooks, apparel and fragrances.

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