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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about E-Commerce Platform.

Walmart gives a sneak peek at its modernized website rolling out in May. See how the e-commerce giant is localizing and personalizing its shopping experience.

No digital retailers are immune to shopping cart abandonment. It’s so prevalent that in 2016, e-commerce businesses lost $4.6 trillion worth of sales to users leaving sites with loaded carts. Why are retailers experiencing this? Customer expectations are at an all-time high.

In a digitally connected world, where channel, device, app and site hopping is the norm, the shopper is searching, experiencing and buying products in drastically different ways. Many retailers are struggling to align product information to how the shoppers experience the product and consume it.

Home Depot plans to roughly double its investment in the next three fiscal years to nearly $11.1 billion to expand and modernize its business.

As the name implies, the NRF Big Show is gigantic. It is impossible to see and hear it all in three short days. Check out RIS’ annual look at the key sessions, events and trends from this year’s show and catch up on what you might have missed.

Dick's suffered some intermittent performance issues with its website during the important holiday quarter, resulting in e-commerce growth below its expectations. Now it says its adding tech jobs. Learn the details.

Check out RIS’ annual look at the highlights and key trends from the NRF Big Show 2018. Relive the big moments and catch up on what you might have missed.

With a sales growth of 6.7% and online growth of 21% it's another record year, as this home improvement retailer continues to strike a balance between online and in-store growth. Learn how The Home Depot is connecting online sales to the store and what its plans are going forward.

Grocer Lunds & Byerlys sought to entirely transform their digital experience, a road that took shape through a multi-phased implementation plan that is now entering its second year. Learn how it forged a path to digital success and a double digit increase in online sales.

The fast-growing outdoor retailer has unified commerce with sales, service and marketing with its latest tech deployment. Learn the details and what it means for the brand’s unique customer experience.

For independent businesses, surviving and thriving in this new world is still possible, it just takes a little bit of strategic focus and planning. Check out these four tips on how small businesses can succeed in the age of Amazon.

Customers have countless shopping options and only those retailers that are able to build meaningful relationships with consumers will enjoy long-term success. This annual ranking reveals which retailers are best at connecting with fickle consumers.

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