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A collection of news, articles and other featured content about E-Commerce Platform.

SnapBlooms Launches Nationwide E-commerce Platform for Flower Delivery

Learn how the SnapBlooms website connects customers from all over the U.S. with local florists, allowing them to purchase from a wide range of high-quality flowers locally.

Online wholesale retailer Boxed is looking beyond e-commerce sales when it comes to its digital growth.  

The furniture and home goods retailer has been doubling its business every two years since going public five years ago. CEO co-founder and CEO Niraj Shah discusses the keys to the retailer’s meteoric rise.

Video provides an immersive experience that brings products to life while giving retailers the chance to better showcase a brand’s creativity, personality and sense of humor.

Shopping must stimulate the reward system in the brain from the initial contact with the salesperson and in-store environment to the goods themselves to spending money. Treating oneself to something must be more fun than waiting for a future delivery.

Walmart will be the guinea pig for TikTok’s first shoppable livestreaming event in the United States.

The increase in e-commerce activity created a demand for hyper-personalized digital shopping experiences driven by AI technologies. As these technologies gained a stronger hold, they will shape how we can reinvent retail stores in 2021.

Footwear retailer Crocs is making it easier for consumers to give squishy shoes to their loved ones this holiday season.

While no single source can accurately predict exactly what will happen, one thing is certain: Science-based pricing, promotions and markdowns will be more critical than ever.

M-commerce platforms encounter unpredictable last-mile problems more frequently than traditional e-commerce platforms, and these issues come at the worst possible time — often causing users to give up on their purchase.

Those that started the process years ago have an advantage, but there are large numbers of companies that are playing catch-up and within a short period of time will close the gap. The goal for small businesses is to continue the process of making the online purchase experience a good one.

The change from DTC to B2B for office furniture retailer Vari was a tremendous shift that required pivoting the company’s strategy, people and technology. Learn how it readied itself to manage the pandemic-prompted work-from-home surge.

TaylorMade Golf Company has partnered with commerce provider eShopWorld (ESW) to provide a localized online shopping experience to its European customers.

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