Eastman Introduces Dual Head Laser and Blade Cutting System to Market

Eastman Machine Co., manufacturer of cutting machines, automated cutting systems, material handling equipment and software solutions, has released its latest-generation laser cutting system, applicable to customers in the aerospace, automotive, composite and industrial fabrics industries.
The new system includes a dual configuration laser system equipped with a three-tool cutting head, which the company says is the first system of its kind to enter the market, and that it will minimize any associated switchover time between material cutting requirements.
Laser cutting is beneficial for fabrics that require fused edges to prevent fraying. The dual laser and blade cutting system will provide cutting capabilities for a greater variety of materials and applications. The fully automated cutter plotter is capable of marking, drilling and punching virtually any flexible material at speeds of up to 60 inches per second.
for more information:  www.eastmancuts.com
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