ecVision Integrates Omega Compliance into B2B Portal

ecVision, provider of supply chain collaboration solutions for brands and retailers, is forming an alliance with Omega Compliance to integrate compliance audit service offerings in ecVision B2B Portal. Omega Compliance is a supply chain auditing and inspection company headquartered in Hong Kong with operations throughout Asia, Europe and Central America. Omega Compliance serves some of the largest and best-known brands, retailers and specialty stores in the world, providing a full range of social and ethical compliance, supply chain security and quality inspection services. 
As ecVision continues to respond to the growing demand from the retail market for its supply chain collaboration platform, the company is building the technical integration for brands and retailers to collaborate on factory and supplier audit management activities. 
By serving as a single source of information and functionality that improves collaboration capabilities with suppliers and service providers, the audit and product testing features in ecVision B2B Portal allow retail organizations to properly plan and execute the necessary factory audits and product tests to meet C-TPAT, social, environmental and quality standards to minimize risk. 

“No other supply chain collaboration platform for apparel and footwear is capable of this level of integration,” says Gary Barraco, director of product marketing at ecVision. “We have mapped our systems to simplify compliance management for all of the users – compliance managers, factories and third party inspectors. By accessing quality tasks, documents and reports through the B2B Portal, the job becomes easier for everyone and increases the ROI derived from our solution.”
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