Eileen Fisher Puts Data First With DeSL Deployment

EILEEN FISHER is impementing DeSL's PLM, SRM, and Adobe Illustrator Integrator Solution to streamline its management of product information.

EILEEN FISHER chose DeSL for its global experience, range of functionality, ease of use, and flexibility to assist the brand in meeting its business goals. The women's wear brand will implement a variety of DeSL's functional offerings including: Line Planning; Story Boards; Adobe Illustrator Integration; Tech Pack Management; Product Management; Critical Path Management; Costing; Samples Purchasing and Vendor Compliance. Each will help to centralize information as well as simplify the brand's communication with vendors.

"DeSL is a leader in web-based solutions for the fashion industry, and we are thrilled to integrate their solutions into our practices," said Katherine Yoder and Nicole Kaluzne, co-leaders of EILEEN FISHER's internal PLM search and selection team. "After an extensive vendor search and selection process, we found DeSL to be dynamic, intuitive, and easy to work with, making them an ideal partner for EILEEN FISHER."

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