EKO Enterprises Launches Division To Provide 3D Visualization Services

EKO-Enterprises, based in Esposo, Finland, announced it is expanding into providing 3D Visualization support for companies.

Services being provided include 3D/CAD consultancy and renderings services.

"Current available services out there are expensive, but our company offers a much more optimized price strategy yet high quality output," commented Alexandra Polyakov, regional director for EKO-Enterprises. "The global trend of using greater multimedia to transfer a message is quickly outdating the use of textual documentation, radio, and television. Online advertising, unusual ad placement, blogging, and experiential marketing are the wave of the future. These new methods are proving to focus greater attention on the product and brand."

As the company launches the new division, Polvakov, cited the need for customized 3D visualization services, noting projects involving 3D models vary "according to the commercial goals of project stakeholders, project particulars, and the project phases when 3D models are created."

Other services EKO-Enterprises provides include business administration and information systems support and graphics production.

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