Empower Brands with Real-Time Social Media Engagement

TouchSocial launches today, a new social media solution which delivers a personalized online engagement experience for brands and consumers on social networks with the purpose of increasing customer satisfaction and conversion.

Omni-channel customer engagement company TouchCommerce uses APIs and shortlinks embedded in social posts, so that TouchSocial offers live and automated engagement to resolve customer issues, enable consumer sentiment analysis, amplify customer care resolution, and leverage the power of social recommendations.

"We think that brands should engage those consumers where they are," explained Marina Kalika, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at TouchCommerce.
According to research from Brandwatch, 80 percent of customers who ask a question through social media expect brands to respond within 24 hours, 50 percent expect a response within two hours and 25 to 30 percent expect a response in less than 30 minutes.  Furthermore, according to a survey by Bain & Company, consumers who engage with brands over social media spend up to 40 percent more and grant an average of 33 points higher Net Promoter Score (NPS) than other customers.

It is clear that tuning in to customer feedback on social media is critical for brands; hence, the goal of TouchSocial is to streamline the brand's response such that the consumer can seamlessly connect with a customer service expert or instantly take advantage of a personalized self-service option.
In order to offer consumers a personalized live chat or automated engagement experience, TouchSocial leverages the TouchCommerce Invitation API and generates special URLs that are embedded in social posts. This enables brands to interact with social media users directly, offering real-time assistance while simultaneously shifting the conversation to a private interaction on the brand's website.

This not only helps alleviate public displays of customer grievances, but also provides the consumer with new-gained trust based on personal interactions with the brand which leads to more positive sentiment, reviews and recommendations.

"It's important to understand what the consumer is saying," said Kalika. This tool helps companies leverage the power of social recommendation.
On the back-end, the TouchCommerce RightTouch platform uses product information, prior browsing behavior (when available) and the company's patented web-based customer interface to present personalized content, either through the live chat session or an automated engagement tool, such as a product guide. If routed to a live expert, this information is sent to the agent at the start of the chat session. In addition to answering questions, the chat agent can provide the shopper with rich content, such as videos, coupons, guides, and surveys, as well as details about their local retail location, and more.
TouchSocial is now commercially available. For more information, please visit www.touchcommerce.com/touchsocial.
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