Enterprise Apps and Analytics

Enterprise solutions can be defined in a multitude of ways. Certainly ERP solutions fall within this category, but ERP in retail has trickled to a slow drip as the budget and time required for an enterprise-wide implementation has not been available since pre-2008. Analytics that lay on top of enterprise-wide solutions, however, have become a big focus for retailers in 2010 and will gain additional traction in 2011.

Enterprise analytics and business intelligence tools have matured to the point where they can effectively cull through the mountains of data retailers collect and provide graphical dashboards with KPIs to support merchandising, marketing, store performance, financials and supply chain functions.

Supply chain visibility is especially critical to achieve cross-channel capabilities, that customers now expect. Right time, right place, and right channel solutions will continue to experience as high a level of interest in 2011 as they did in 2010.

For those looking to sharpen their enterprise analytics capabilities, here are some strong NRF sessions to attend.

Grocery chain Wegmans remains one of the most respected retailers in the country for its innovative and customer-pleasing approach to retailing. In “Improving Business Performance by Balancing Supply and Demand,” Paul Wawrzyniak of Wegmans will discuss how it uses business analytics across the enterprise to improve decision-making with product and sales intelligence.  The session will highlight specific examples of using analytics to improve supply and demand forecasting to ensure in-stock position.  
When: Monday, 01/10/2011 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM , Room Hall E, 1E 12/13

Sharing Inventory across Channels
RSR Research released a highly regarded report earlier this year titled “The Cross Channel Wake Up Call” and RSR’s Nikki Baird (pictured) will be moderating a session with 3 Suisses International Groupe’s Pierre Gressier titled “Leveraging Distributed Order Management to Improve Fill Rates and Lower Inventory Costs.”  This session will look at how inventory must be viewed as a shared resource across channels and how stores can reduce merchandise stock and increase turns, while improving fulfillment levels across the enterprise.  
When: Tuesday, 01/11/2011 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM , Room Hall E, 1E 16

Retail Assortment Planning Down to the Item Level
L.L. Bean recently implemented an analytics platform to ensure its planning systems allow easy and transparent sharing of information. Mike Kasabian of L.L. Bean will lead the session “Not Just Chamois Shirts: Retail Assortment Planning with Business Analytics.” He will share how the retailer is using the platform to plan sales and manage top-down inventory targets for current and future seasons, and also to provide detailed financial plans and measure against performance down to item level.
When: Tuesday, 01/11/2011 9:30AM -10:00 AM , Room 3D08, EXPO Hall

Mashing Up Virtual and Physical Stores
A new trend, “mashing up” virtual and physical retail assets, is creating revolutionary shopper experiences in brick-and-mortar stores. This new approach is reinventing the economics of retail operations by changing labor, real estate and fulfillment models. During this session, Cisco’s Jon Stine and Lisa Fretwell will unveil new primary research on rising technology-enabled shopping experiences, and share examples of how retailers can maximize impact by integrating the physical and virtual retail worlds into multi-channel customer experiences that drive sales and stickiness.
Tuesday, 01/11/2011 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM, Room 3D09, EXPO Hall

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