enVista Unveils Subscription Management Capabilities

Tim Denman
Editor in Chief
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enVista, a global software, managed services and consulting solutions firm, is introducing subscription management capabilities to drive recurring revenue and meet consumer demand for subscription services. The company built out enhancements and added capabilities native to its agile, cloud-based order management system (OMS).

Powered by enVista’s order sourcing and allocation engine, new capability optimizes for gross margin return on inventory (GMROI) by confirming inventory availability and connecting subscription order requests to the optimal inventory source. Further enabled by a product substitution and payment rules engine, enVista’s OMS optimizes fulfillment metrics while removing the need for manual exception and operations support.

The subscription order support allows the flexibility to schedule delivery on a weekly or monthly basis with ‘hold’ and ‘skip’ functionality, putting the power of the delivery experience in the hands of the consumer. The subscription management services extend to enVista’s customer engagement platform allowing the customer to make changes in a physical store and to change his or her subscription order anyplace and anytime: digitally or physically.

“Companies that are subscription-based or that offer ongoing subscription services to consumers are gaining momentum in a market where e-commerce has skyrocketed and customer loyalty is the cornerstone to success,” said enVista CEO, Jim Barnes. “Our solution encompasses all of the key aspects critical to subscription-based retailer success, from optimized order and fulfillment orchestration, to enhanced customer service and increased recurring revenue and profitability.”

enVista’s OMS and cloud platform was built from the ground up on a microservices architecture with a multi-enterprise integration framework and common data model. The solution provides a single view of the customer, inventory, order, item and payment across the enterprise, enabling retailers to deliver a consistent, customer-centric brand experience across all channels and locations.