Epic Stuff Overheard at NRF 2013

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Epic Stuff Overheard at NRF 2013

By Joe Skorupa - 01/16/2013
It has become an annual tradition to listen and learn from the smartest people in retail at the NRF Big Show and then collecting the best quotes to post in this blog. It must be a worthwhile exercise because the blog is always one of the best read stories of the year on our website. So, until someone else copies the idea (the coin of the realm in digital media) here are my picks for the good, great and epic quotes heard at the just completed NRF 2013 Big Show.

“If we wait for conditions to go from good to perfect, we’ll just be waiting, waiting, waiting.” — Bill Simon CEO for Walmart

"What do I hear people saying about JCPenney? Phenomenal concept, horrible execution." — Deborah, Weinswig, Citi Group Analyst

“The Container Store can’t beat the mass merchants on volume, but we can on relationships. It’s a lot easier to succeed if your vendors are not lying awake at night figuring out how to screw you around, but are trying to figure out how to help you.”— Kip Tindell CEO for The Container Store

"Retailers are always wondering about what or even if they should be investing in technology. Let me put it this way, as you go through your budget process keep in mind that you are not going to out-invest Amazon." — Joe Dalton of PivotLink

"Technology savvy makes customers not only impatient but unforgiving.”— Lori Mitchell-Keller of SAP

"Is retailing spend on social media commensurate wtih how high it places on retailer priority lists? No, not yet. But the pressure is in place for major investment ahead in social media." — Jeff Roster, Gartner Analyst

"It used to be the vision of Bill Gates to have a computer on every desk. Today, the vision is to have a computer in every hand." — Tom Litchford of NRF

"Big Data sometimes gets a bad rap from over use and vendor hype. But if you think there is nothing new about Big Data you are mistaken." — Todd Michaud of Power Thinking Media

"Getting tired of hearing about Big Data and am ready for Big Insights." — Justin Honaman of Coca Cola in agreement with comment by Lisa Feigan Dugal of PwC Analyst

"Why don't I talk about Big Data? Because I am focused on intelligent answers and not speeds and feeds. It doesn't matter if it is quick if it's the wrong answer." — Michael Saylor chairman and CEO for MicroStrategy

“Amazon and other pure plays are driving toward getting both predictive and prescriptive analytics. They’re analyzing and understanding information at an alarming rate. Brands have pulled products off of Amazon because they’re learning more about them than the brands themselves.” — Todd Michaud of Power Thinking Media

“An achievement-oriented culture is very pro-employee — it’s so much more fun than one that isn’t. Excellence is a tremendous amount of fun; mediocrity is not.” — Kip Tindell CEO for The Container Store

"If you keep marketing and selling to baby boomers then you are executing a formula for going out of business." — Joe Dalton of PivotLink

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