Escalate Retail Rolls Out Clienteling Solution for iPad Salesfloor Interactions

Escalate Retail announced the availability of its Clienteling solution on the iPad.

In unveiling the new solution, Escalate Retail noted that the potential uses for the iPad in retail are broad, and the rich interface and larger screen size are ideally suited for in-store customer interactions fueled by Clienteling applications.

While customers shop in the store, sales associates can escort shoppers throughout the store with real-time access to their complete history, preferences, and recommendations. Escalate Clienteling on the iPad offers retailers the ability to take advantage of the mobility and convenience inherent on the device to stay connected to their customer instead of leaving them to go to the POS station to access the information.

Only a month after its initial launch, Apple has sold more than one million iPad devices.

"The iPad is an ideal device for Escalate Clienteling," said Rich Harmatiuk, Vice President and General Manager, Escalate Retail. "The portability will allow for more personalized in-store interactions between associates and customers, and the user interface and larger screen size make it easy to access rich customer and product information and to share visuals with the customer as well."

Citing an example of the new tool in action, Escalate Retail reports that if a customer enters an apparel store looking for new shirts and ties to match his suits, the associate can pull up the customer's virtual closet via Escalate Clienteling on the iPad while they are on the sales floor to see the exact style and color of the suits the customer has already purchased from the store. Additionally, the sales associate can view related and matching items the Clienteling application suggests without having to leave the customer's side.

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