Ethel Austin Bring Au Naturale onto Island Pacific Platform

Ethel Austin, a UK-based retailer, brings Au Naturale, its new home-wares offering onto the Island Pacific platform. The retailer, which has 270 stores across the UK, took over Au Naturale (which has 40 stores), in May 2008.

A partner of Island Pacific's since 1993, Ethel Austin uses all modules including merchandising, warehousing, sales audit and finance. The company has taken every technology upgrade released since then.

Au Naturale was brought onto the Island Pacific platform because of its multi-company approach. The technology includes enough flexibility to combine the product files, order and warehousing, but enables separate sales information to be processed.

"We were keen to bring everything onto one platform, so needed to use Island Pacific across the 30 stores that Au Naturale was being introduced to," says Martin Draper, group head of IT at Ethel Austin. "This was purchased at no additional cost, because of the way our existing license works. Not only has this saved purchasing costs, but it has also created real efficiencies with merchandising and buying work flow."
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