Exploring Film, Fashion, Music, and Literature, Bex & Julz Bridges a Gap in the Arts Industry

Bex & Julz is an innovative new production company that explores and facilitates the potential links and collaborations within fashion, literature, music and film. Bex & Julz will launch in March 2013 with the VIP screening of four films that showcase the imaginative and groundbreaking nature of this exciting new concept.

The films, Morph, Waiting, The Masters, and Siblings are based on a selection of classic pieces of literature - Kafka's Metamorphosis, Beckett's Waiting for Godot, Bulgakov's Master and Margarita and J.D Salinger’s Franny and Zooey.

Bex & Julz are Rebecca Illing and Giulia Campaner, two friends who decided to launch their project in 2012 after noticing a gap in the fashion industry. Both born in 1986, Giulia and Rebecca met in London and have always been part of the arts scene. Since graduating from Central Saint Martin's with a degree in Graphic design, Giulia has launched an online arts magazine 'Bananemag' and has been based in Istanbul working in the contemporary art world. Rebecca's passion has always been theatre. Having attended mime school in Finland, Rebecca went on to study at London School of Physical Theatre and has since built a diverse and interesting portfolio; from producing shows in Portugal to teaching storytelling in North India.

As a partnership, they wanted to bring their professional experience in Theatre, Arts and Fashion together to create a new multi-disciplinary platform where fashion is presented through all kind of artistic mediums in the form of exclusive brand collaborations and commissioned projects. Together, they will specialise in art direction, acting, brand consultancy and representation.

Bex & Julz was born from the realisation that an alliance between fashion, film and powerful storytelling could result in something truly dynamic. In transforming scenes from their favourite novels, Rebecca and Giulia have created a platform to communicate and build innovative, memorable brand stories. Within each film, ambitious and extravagant garments are set against striking scenes from the novels as Rebecca and Giulia use exaggerated movements, extreme characterisation and expressive styling.

Designing the sets and styling each character, they conceive highly visual campaigns that merge everyday influences – the pages in a magazine, the characters we fall in love with in books, the people we see on the street and the films we never forget. Bex & Julz productions are compelling and engaging visual stories, that though based on classics, are contemporary and relevant.

As they put it "In the age of the viral, so many brands use film to promote themselves in an eye-catching way, but so many of these productions are vapid, celebrity induced and ultmately short-lived. As  production company, Bex & Julz are creating films that are not just designed for initial impact, but are works of art in their own right."

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