Fair Trace Tool Connects Consumers to Artisan Apparel Makers

Indigenous is a humanitarian and eco-conscious couture clothing company that has been dedicated to supporting the artisans and laborers who make their brand a reality. For almost two decades the brand has been designing beautiful organic clothing lines on the cutting edge of fashion while still upholding ethical construction practices. Now, in partnership with Worldways Social Marketing the company hopes to connect consumers and other businesses with those who bring their fashion dreams to life through the Fair Trace Tool.

The Fair Trace Tool helps consumers to get in touch with the people who create the clothing they love. By scanning the Quick-Response (QR) code on one of Indigenous's garments they can view the maker of the product, their story, and see the supply chain maps and social impact data, thereby visualizing the impact their purchase will have on the people who make it. Many consumers want to be able to make an informed decision about the clothing they wear, and now they finally have the right tool.

Founders Scott Leonard and Matt Reynolds launched the brand and have continued to drive it forward in the hopes that their fair trade and organic practices become the norm instead of the exception in the fashion world. "No one should suffer or die to make clothes," says Leonard. "Instead, they should prosper." Even in the modern world unfair wages and dangerous working conditions are still the norm, with tragedies like those seen in Bangladesh and Italy occurring on a regular basis. Their hope is to bring the Fair Trace Tool not only into the hands of the people, but into the whole fashion industry, promoting more fair trade enterprises and funding social impact research with artisans and farmers.
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