Fareway Stores Increases Basket Size with Digital Coupons

Fareway Stores, a leading full-service grocery chain with locations in the Midwest, has rolled out an innovative digital coupon system to its 117 stores. The new program, powered by LOC Software and Invisipon, allows consumers to create an online profile by product type for coupons they wish to receive.

Manufacturer coupons for these product types are then deposited into the consumers’ digital accounts. When consumers shop any of the Fareway Stores locations, they simply present their phone containing a digital customer card at checkout, and digital coupons instantly apply to the transaction. No clipping, no searching, no printing required. Best of all, Fareway provides in-store offers that seamlessly combine with manufacturer coupons. The “combo offers” provide industry-leading savings on all sorts of products.

“Customers love the savings, and they keep coming back for more,” says Scott Beckwith, chief administrative officer of Fareway Stores. “The program is easy for our customers to download and use, plus it integrates directly into our LOC Software SMS POS system. Cashiers scan the digital card and both manufacturer and store offers are instantly applied.” 

Beckwith also states the Fareway Stores team is just scratching the surface of all the technology has to offer. “Invisipon’s integration with LOC Software is enabling us to market products in ways we had not imagined,” he adds.

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