This Fashion Grad Is Democraticizing Access to Textile Studios

Design ME Textiles is the new textile-printing studio that provides an affordable space for students, graduates, textile designers and print enthusiasts.

Design graduate Michelle Smith came up with the idea for Design ME Textiles following her experience at university, where the lack of access in the textiles studio prevented her from carrying out the textile processes that she needed for her final collection. After graduation, this issue continued as she struggled to find a studio that could help her continue printing as well as teaching her the all the different textiles techniques she wanted to learn, at an affordable price.

So she turned these frustrations into a business to provide the public with the facility she herself was in desperate need of. The studio provides screen-printing, dye and digital fabric printing facilities, as well as weekly workshops. Monthly memberships are available in four different options, catering to everyone's needs (including a "pay as you go" option). Members include men's wear designers Alex Mullins and Liam Hodges.

Design ME Textiles is a textile one-stop shop, supporting many different designers from start up to well-established businesses. Based in Peckham's undercover art district, Design ME Textiles is a space where collaborations and important network connections can be established, something vitally important to the creative industry.
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