Fashion Snoops Launches Next-Gen Trend Forecasting Platform

Trend forecasting service and consultancy Fashion Snoops announced the launch of a ground-breaking new online creative platform. The launch is the culmination of a two-year effort to create "the next generation of forecasting" - a unique approach for trend research, analysis and presentation, designed to transform interlinked cultural influences into a meaningful and powerful business direction.

"When you have the right insight into which trends matter and how to capitalize on them, then you have a strong foundation for innovation," said Lilly Berelovich, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Fashion Snoops. "Focusing on inspiration and culture-to-product integration, we are giving our clients a platform to lead from versus a laundry list of trends they have to follow."

The new platform grew out of Fashion Snoops' guiding principle to bring clarity to what's next. "Every day, creatives and marketeers are bombarded with information, data and imagery," added Berelovich. "And while accessing data is easier than ever before, the sheer quantity and lack of insight into what matters can be overwhelming."

Fashion Snoops' experts curate and translate trends into actionable insights. Clients get customized data and directions that spark new thinking and inspire them to create with confidence, whether they're developing a new collection, product or go-to-market strategy.

Creative platform innovations include:
  • Culture-to-product integration that shows the intersection between fashion, style, art, technology and other cultural influences
  • Dynamic trend mapping that shows how trends evolve and how they are projected to impact your business
  • Long-term forecasting that enables clients to plan earlier
  • Original video clips that help clients visualize how trends come together
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