Fender's PIM Solution Benefits Consumers and Dealers

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
Jamie goodman
fender guitar

When Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), the world’s largest guitar manufacturer, needed a product information solution to organize, centralize and manage its diverse content and product attributes, it went to EnterWorks for the answer. For Fender, which launches a significant number of new guitar products and accessories each year, being able to create and present specific attributes to showcase unique features yet still pass all system validation and export rules, is critical.

The centralization of product content and information via its PIM solution has been invaluable, according to According to Chris Ingraham, Vice President of IT – Solutions Delivery, Fender. “Initially, we brought on EnterWorks to help organize information that was stored all over the place – in marketing materials, SAP, image databases, various websites, etc.,” Ingraham said. “We made it available on our consumer website first. However, once we realized how simple the solution was to use, we decided to use it throughout all of our channels.”

Currently, Ingraham and his team are in process of rolling out a program that will make available Fender's product content available to Fender’s Global Dealer Network, via a brand-new business to business (B2B) portal. Ingraham calls out a few specific examples of how the solution has simplified content sharing and distribution at Fender, and broadened sales channels as well:

· Dealers will have access to multiple high-resolution images as well as detailed product specifications – all which dealers can use in their own businesses. This is a big improvement from the old dealer portal which only offered a single image for each product.

· With content being centralized within the PIM, dealers will have easy access to archived information and products, which is an advantage when searching for information on older or vintage guitars. Prior to this centralization, archived product data was not available on the old dealer portal.

· Fender’s custom shop products and their attributes will also be accessible thanks to the PIM system. Prior to the PIM roll-out, these custom items were considered one-offs and their specs were rarely categorized the same as other mainline products.

While some of the main drivers for creating a new dealer portal are to update the design and increase performance, it will also introduce several new features not currently available on the old website including serial number lookup, archived product searches, and ability to download inventory, parts lists, and new product overview files.

“Via ongoing PIM updates, we have truly made it the center for all product information at Fender, we continuously ask ourselves how we can distribute the information to all our consumer sites (both Fender and our specialty brands) as well as our dealer touchpoints (new product announcements, price lists, marketing materials, etc.),” Ingraham added. “We continue to look for additional opportunities including customizing for specific dealer needs as well as for regional variations and translations – all which will be managed by the PIM team.”

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