Fiber-to-Fabric In Brief: January 2006


StayTux Keeps Shirts Tucked in All Day
It was while walking his dog that inventor Rick Hamlet made the first of many observations that led him to his patent-pending invention, StayTux. His dog's sweater kept riding up over her legs, and no matter which way she shifted or pulled, the material always moved in the same direction.

Some 15 years later, Hamlet has launched StayTux, a technology that causes a shirt or blouse not only to stay tucked in all day, but also to re-tuck itself as the wearer moves. The result is a well-groomed appearance that leaves you looking as neat at the end of the day as you did at the start, says Hamlet.

StayTux is a single-part fabric, die cut into strips and heat fused onto garments. The fabric contains fibers that have a directional nap, which forces the garment in a downward direction.

To bring his product to market, Hamlet created his own apparel brand of designer apparel, Richard Adams, which incorporates StayTux. Its dress shirts, manufactured by Capital Mercury, also are stain resistant.

Hamlet also is making the product available for licensing to manufacturers of uniforms, dress shirts, golf wear and other apparel. He says that the technology will give brands that license it significant product differentiation that will allow them to price their garments higher. For more information:,
-- Jordan K. Speer

Chlorine Proof Swimwear Fiber Keeps Swimsuits from Losing Shape
Reacting to demand from the $12.65 billion global swimwear industry for a stretch product that resists chlorine degradation, Dow Fiber Solutions has developed DOW XLA CP. The fiber is the first inherently Chlorine Proof stretch fiber to be introduced to the market, the company reports. The olefin-based fiber also naturally resists harsh chemicals, high heat and UV light.

"Nearly 70 percent of women rank 'fit' as the most important attribute when choosing a bathing suit," said Brad Miller, commercial director for Dow Fiber Solutions. But historically, chlorine or the combination of UV light and suntan lotion cause swimwear fabrics to break down. This causes shape changes to the swimsuit, such as bagging and sagging, he said.

While other stretch offerings experience deterioration after 200 to 300 hours of exposure to chlorine, DOW XLA CP fiber has the inherent properties needed to resist harsh chemicals for more than 1,000 hours, providing the ultimate shape retention over time.
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Spyder Ski Racing Wear to Reduce Impact on Athletes
High-tech skiwear company Spyder reports that it is the first to add d3o technology, a revolutionary material made of intelligent molecules, to the baselayer tops and slalom and giant slalom race suits of the U.S. and Canadian alpine ski teams. The material will shield athletes from the harsh elements of the sport without constricting their movement.

d3o reactively stiffens on impact to provide protection against collisions with race gates, which often occur at a rate of 60 mph or more. The molecules in d3o lock together instantly upon contact, creating a hard buffer to absorb and distribute impact energy. Once pressure is lifted, the material reverts to a pliable state. This reaction is instant and repeatable.

The high-tech d3o material will be placed on the race suits in direct contact areas such as shins and forearms, and in the brand's Stealth Top on the forearm and elbow area. d3o is ideal for the application of ski race apparel because traditional materials such as hard plastic inhibit the athlete's range of motion. Because the material is flexible when not encountering force, it moves with the body and offers higher comfort during competition. For more information:

Wayne Industries Takes Leap into Central America
Wayne Industries Group, parent of Wayne Mills Co. Inc. and Franklin Braid Mfg. Co. Inc., has tapped Thread & Trim Suppliers, headed by Tony Medina, to represent it in Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

The partnership, part of the company's long-term growth plan to expand into the Central American market, will allow the company to warehouse goods for its customers doing manufacturing in the region."Tony Medina's background in the textile industry adds important perspective and knowledge to our corporation," said Franklin Milnes, president. For more information:,, [email protected]

SeriesOne Screen Printing Inks Cater to Sporting Goods Industry
PolyOne Corp. introduces SeriesOne, a new line of screen printing inks offering printer-friendly solutions for printing on high-tech performance fabrics. The inks offer three solutions for everyday applications. Nylon Plus provides high gloss finish and excellent durability on nylon jerseys -- including porthole, micromesh and dazzle cloth -- and uses non-migrating pigments. Cotton Pro is engineered for maximum coverage and bright color on 100 percent cotton fabrics. Poly MaxTM has a high-opacity coverage with maximum bleed resistance and is ideal for challenging fabrics such as the "moisture management" polyester fabrics found in much of today's sportswear. SeriesOne inks can be used in both manual and automatic screen printing processes, and are available in industry standard sporting goods colors. For more information:

SDL Atlas Offers New Line of Cabinets for Cost-Effective Color Matching and Grading
SDL Atlas has introduced the ColorChex line of color assessment cabinets for viewing and grading apparel and textile color.
Its new units meet and exceed existing international standards and are available at lower costs than conventional cabinets, according to the company.

The compact ColorChex N7 model viewing booth, designed for the requirements of suppliers to the North American market, offers five different light sources: Artificial daylight fluorescent D65; TL84 cool white fluorescent; Horizon; Type A (filament incandescent); and black light blue UVB. The N7's neutral gray interior meets the requirements of ASTM D1729 with a surround and ambient field color of Munsell N7. The ColorChex 60 and ColorChex 120 units are larger than the N7 and designed for the British and Western European markets by precisely matching the requirements of leading retailers. For more information:

CS Fabrics Expects Improved Creativity, Less Waiting Time with Artistri Digital Printer
Home furnishings and fashion design fabric company CS Fabrics Inc. has installed the DuPont Artistri 2020 on-demand digital textile printer. Founder Robert Polk said that the system will allow it to eliminate consumer frustration over long pattern searches, backorders and discontinued fabrics, and will change the way in which the company sells and produces fabrics.

The company, whose mission is to deliver mass customization to interior and fashion designers, graphic artists, upholsterers, interior decorators and quilters, will be able to produce and deliver a proof within a couple of days at greatly reduced costs, vs. six weeks for current custom fabric production at hundreds of dollars per yard. Once approved, the fabric order will be printed and shipped to the client within a week at lower costs, the company reports. For more information:,

PANTONE Sees Color in Flux for Summer 2007
Pantone Inc., provider of professional color standards for the design industries, has released the summer 2007 edition of PANTONE VIEW Color Planner, its cross-discipline color forecasting tool, titled "The Evolution of Color." According to Pantone, color for summer 2007 will reflect a more considered and thoughtful approach to color, vs. the quick-fix spontaneity of recent seasons.

The Color Planner offers nine palettes for summer 2007 for use in women's wear, men's wear, active wear, industry, cosmetics, interiors and graphics. It is available for $750. For more information:

People on the Move
Schoeller Textil USA, a supplier of high-tech stretch and non-stretch woven fabrics and smart technologies, has appointed Gary Meikle as national sales manager. For more information:

Outlast Technologies Inc., provider of phase change material for comfort and performance, has appointed Greg Roda as senior vice president of operations and business development and Heather Listoe as marketing manager.
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Stahls', a St. Clair Shores, MI-based manufacturer of heat applied graphics and equipment, has appointed Sean Oakley as general manager of its Canadian division, located in Toronto. For more information:

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