Fiber-to-Fabric Briefs



Avery Dennison Offers Paxar Eco-Friendly Labels


Avery Dennison has added Paxar's new line of environmentally friendly fabric labels to its portfolio of eco-conscious labeling solutions.


The "green" labels, made of natural, raw and recycled materials, include woven labels and woven-edge tapes made from recycled polyester yarns and organic cottons. They are designed to meet Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines for recycled products in reducing energy consumption and conserving petroleum resources.


The new line includes: woven labels for lettering; 659 double-face woven-edge satin label tapes; 660 single-face woven-edge label tapes;661 plain weave organic cotton woven-edge tapes; 662 plain weave heavy-weight canvas woven-edge tapes; 663 single-face satin woven-edge tapes; and 6150NCT coated-cotton tapes.


IDEAL Launches Sustainable Zippers


IDEAL Fastener Corp. has launched a line of sustainable zippers made with Repreve 100 percent recycled yarns from Unifi.


The zippers will be sold under IDEAL Fastener's IDEAL Earth brand. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles, with customization available.



Bumkins Adds Waterproof Line


Bumkins Finer Baby Products is offering the Elements prints collection, which is made of a waterproof material that is free of PVC, lead and phthalate.


The collection, available in a new, softer color pallet that goes with the colors in Bumkins' organic collection, includes waterproof bibs, aprons, smocks and diaper bags.



Daikin Introduces Unidyne TechnaGard

Daikin, Dow Develop Unidyne TG-5521


Fluorochemicals provider Daikin has introduced a line of protective and repellent products for textiles that it says is better for the environment than other options.


Daikin's new Unidyne TechnaGard Series, made with fluorine-based chemistry in a C6 platform, offers water and oil repellency and stain-release properties. The series has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


In other news, Daikin and Dow Corning have jointly developed another product for fabric protection. They say the new Unidyne TG-5521 fabric treatment delivers the advantages of two complementary chemistries: the superior oil and water repellency of fluorine and the softness of silicone.


Unidyne TG-5521 also is available in the new C6fluorineplatform, which enhances the product's environmental benefits.


"People have had some success by mixing chemicals, but putting everything in one molecule gives better all-around performance where a soft hand is desired, and allows the mill to concentrate on product quality and productivity," said Mike Ladd, Unidyne brand business manager, Daikin America.


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SDL Atlas Has New Testing Tools, HQ


SDL Atlas has introduced the M290 MMT Moisture Management Tester and M259B3 Sweating Guarded Hotplate.


The M290 MMT is a table-top unit that measures how effectively knit and woven fabrics handle moisture transport in three key areas: absorption rate of inner and outer surfaces, the one-way transportation from a fabric's inner to outer surface and moisture spreading rate.


The M259B3, also called the "skin model," simulates the heat and vapor transfer processes that occur next to human skin.


In other news, to accommodate anticipated future growth, SDL Atlas' U.S. headquarters have been relocated to a 22,000-square-foot office and warehouse complex in Rock Hill, SC.


New Module on


Online fabric brokering service, which connects buyers and sellers of wholesale fabrics, has introduced a new module for sellers who want to receive weekly e-mails with lists of nationwide fabric buyer needs.


The service is designed to bring greater efficiency to the fabric search process for buyers, says owner Sheryl Sapriel.


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Alandale's New Combo Gives Designers Flexibility


Alandale Knitting has added TrapTek's Cocona yarns to its strataTek stretch knits.


The strataTek knitting technique allows designers to position Coconayarns on the inside of the fabric while placing other fashion or performance yarns on the outside of the fabric.


Cocona yarns offer moisture-management and odor-absorption properties for next-to-skin applications.


Alandale's combination of Cocona and strataTek also give designers unique color options. Because Coconayarn is inherently gray in color (it is made with activated carbon), pairing it with dyeable or printable yarns allows for many different cross-dye effects and print/solid combinations.


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Textronics Integrates Heart-Sensing Fibers


Textronics Inc., developer wearable sensors for fitness and health monitoring, has added incorporate heart-sensing fibers into the knit of the fabric used in two new styles: The NuMetrex Cardio Shirt for Men and the NuMetrex Heart Sensing Racer Tank.


The NuMetrex Cardio Shirt, designed to give men an alternative to heart rate-monitoring chest straps, is constructed of a wicking fabric with integrated sensory fibers. The conductive fabric moves with the body, picking up the heart's pulse and sending it to a compatible watch or cardio machine via a tiny transmitter that is snapped into a pocket on the shirt.


Likewise, the NuMetrex Heart Sensing Racer Tankfeatures a shelf bra where the electronic sensing technology is integrated into the fabric to monitor heart rate. The tank is made of quick-drying nylon Lycra.


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Newest COOLMAX"Is Nylon


COOLMAXÂ Nylon Plus, the latest filament fiber from Invista, is designed to help fabrics dry faster and have better-looking colors.


Made from the new fiber, X6290 - a four-channel polyamide that is compatible with LYCRA"fiber - COOLMAX Nylon Plus offers durability and dyeability ideal for intimates, seamless garments and pantyhose, Invista reports.


COOLMAX has traditionally manufactured polyester-based fibers.


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3MEnters Segmented Reflective Trim Market


3M has introduced segmented trims for the consumer and industrial markets, designed for enhancing the wearer's visibility in a variety of conditions.


The company is offering the trims as part of its new 5500 series of Comfort Trim, which is composed of the 5510 Segmented Home Wash Trim and the 5530 Segmented Industrial Wash Trim.


The new trims have a unique design that provides improved moisture vapor transmission, 3M reports. Both the 5510 and 5530 styles meet retro-reflective performance standards and are certified by ANSI, CSA and other standards.


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Australian Wool, PETA Forge Agreement


The Australian Wool Industry (AWI) has won a landmark commitment from the animal rights movement. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has agreed that until the end of 2010, it will stop asking consumers to boycott retailers that sell products associated with the practice of mulesing.


The AWI has agreed that surgical mulesing will be phased out by Dec. 31, 2010. Mulesing is the surgical removal of strips of wool-bearing wrinkle skin from around the tail of a sheep. It is performed as a way to prevent flystrike (being eaten alive by maggots) on farms where risk of flystrike is considered high.


"The National Mulesing Accreditation Program (NMAP) will continue to be rolled out, as well as genetic research into bare breech sheep. There will be a system to identify wool from unmulesed sheep for retailers who want it," said AWI deputy CEO Les Targ.


While it will not promote boycotts of specific retailers, PETA says its campaign against the mutilation and mistreatment of sheep continues full steam ahead.


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WL Ross, ITG Expand in Vietnam


WL Ross & Co. and its International Textile Group Inc. (ITG) unit are aiming to expand their joint venture in Vietnam.


The companies have forged agreements with state-owned Phong Phu Corp., a major cotton textile and clothing manufacturer based in Ho Chi Minh City.


The firms will be exploring real estate joint ventures and strategic investment in Phong Phu, which is planning to privatize through an initial public offering.


"Vietnam is among the most rapidly growing countries in the world, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to commit additional capital to support that growth," said Wilbur L. Ross Jr., founder and chairman of WL Ross & Co.


ITG's Burlington WorldWide division and Phong Phu have been partners since June 2006 in an $80 million cotton fabric and clothing manufacturing complex in Da Nang, Vietnam.


ITG and Phong Phu are discussing the investment of a further $100 million in the Da Nang complex and other textile and/or garment manufacturing operations.


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Antimicrobial Update


Fitness Trainer Develops Odor-Resistant Line


Michael Giacapuzzi, a Yardley, PA-based personal fitness trainer, is working with MicroSilver Wear LLC to design and develop a line of athletic clothing using MicroSilver Yarn.


The clothing line will be called "Body by Michael G." and will incorporate the nanotechnology of MicroSilver Yarn for antimicrobial protection against odor-causing bacteria, fungus and mildew. The yarn also protects against the growth of microbes that could cause discoloration and structural damage to the garment.


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Pooghe Laundry Selects SmartSilver


Casual clothing brand Pooghe Laundry has integrated SmartSilver antimicrobial/anti-odor nanotechnology from NanoHorizons Inc. into its new cotton underwear line.


"SmartSilver's powerful antimicrobial performance simply makes Pooghe Laundry clothing more comfortable," said Steve Monte, president and CEO. "Our Pooghe line is an instant hit with the market because it combines comfort, style and technology to deliver real value."


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Performance Fibers Opening European HQ


Performance Fibers, an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners, is establishing a new European shared-services center and executive management headquarters in Luxembourg.