Filippa K Deploys RFID Platform to Boost Supply Chain Accuracy

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
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Swedish fashion brand and retailer Filippa K is leveraging RFID to improve its inventory accuracy and increase product availability throughout its retail supply chains and stores.

The sustainability-minded company deployed Nedap’s !D Cloud inventory management platform, expected to help its retail stores and distribution center partners better fulfill e-commerce orders.

The API-based SaaS platform integrated within Filippa K’s ERP system, serving as a foundation to feed timely product availability info into the e-commerce platform from Episerver and the Sitoo POS and Unified Commerce Platform.

The deployment, which took a month, initially began as a way to optimize in-store item availability. Filippa K then implemented services that allow customers to return in any desired store.

“Our next step is to directly fulfill e-commerce orders from store," said Emelie Berggren, Filippa K fulfillment director, in a statement. “In addition, we are looking into leveraging our source tagged merchandise for loss prevention purposes. This will further optimize efficiency and item availability.”

Product availability is key to providing a full brand experience throughout all channels, she noted.

“One major objective was to have a lean fulfillment process, with only the products on shelf that are strictly needed,” she noted. “This way, we minimize waste and this is also what our community expects us to do. RFID technology helps us to always have the right products available online and in our stores.”

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