Finish Line Taps This Music Group as Creative Directors


Athletic retailer The Finish Line, Inc. has teamed up with certified platinum hip-hop group Migos for a unique opportunity where the artists will act as creative directors for the retailer. The partnership includes the BET award-winning trio leading several Finish Line marketing initiatives featuring themselves, as well as other social influencers and the latest and greatest products in the marketplace.

“This collaboration is unlike anything we’ve ever done before,” said Paul Diehl, senior director of content, social and consumer trends at Finish Line. “Instead of focusing on one particular brand or product, we’ve opened the door for Migos to take creative control and invest in Finish Line holistically. Coming off a recent performance at this year’s Lollapalooza and collaborating on several major rap projects, they understand today’s culture and what’s important to our target customer. We’re excited to have them support our vision.”

Migos will develop the overall style and theme for several upcoming product shoots, including directing the vision by joining on set for the production. After a record year, including a number-one album, the artists will connect their growing and dedicated fan base to Finish Line through curated posts on their group and individual social handles, highlighting Finish Line’s premium product and imagery.

“Shoes are the key piece with any look,” said the Migos. “There’s no way you can ever have too many shoes and we know with Finish Line, we will always be set with the hottest drops.”

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