Fireside Chat: Making the Most of Customer Data

Understanding the customer has been fundamental to retail success since the beginning of time, but today's ever-evolving landscape is all about data: capturing it, analyzing it and, mostly importantly, properly leveraging it. Being dialed-in to today's shopper requires maximizing big-data insights across the enterprise. 

But while data influences every decision retailers make, that doesn’t mean every merchant is managing and leveraging its full potential. In fact, the current health crisis has exposed some underlying weaknesses in retailers’ consumer data approach, prompting many to take a long, hard look at their current systems and strategies. To uncover how retailers can best equip their enterprises to take full advantage of the mountains of customer data they collect every day, RIS hosted a virtual fireside chat with a leading authority in insights-driven decision making.

Joining RIS editor-in-chief Tim Denman was AnswerRocket’s CPG product owner Ada Gil. The two discussed the current state of retailers’ data approach for planning, how retailers can partner with CPG to maximize their data, common data pain points and opportunities, and more. Read on to explore an overview of the conversation and watch the entire quick-hitting virtual fireside chat.