First Look: Babylist Beverly Hills Flagship

Jennifer Guhl
Contributor Writer
Jennifer Guhl

Babylist is opening a new flagship showroom, Babylist Beverly Hills, helping to solidify the retailer as a leader within the $88 billion baby market. Known for a reinvention of the baby market, Babylist expanded from simple registries to a full-service platform helping families make decisions and build healthy and happy families. 

The new showroom will help guide Babylist customers through selecting items for their registries, with the average Babylist spending an average of 40 hours researching products and including, on average, 100 products to their registry.

"Customers have always been at the center of every decision we make at Babylist, which has led us to build a simple and helpful digital destination. We are excited to bring this online experience into the physical realm," said Natalie Gordon, founder and chief executive officer, Babylist.

Babylist Beverly Hills will feature products alongside opportunities for families to learn and reflect as a community, both digitally and in the physical showroom. Along with viewing the products on the shelf, they will be able to try out products to find the best products for their families.

Some of the interactive experiences in-store include:

  • Curiosity: An eight-room-by-room setting designed to remind shoppers of home to help expecting parents try out products in real-life use cases. 
  • Celebration: Photo moments and games are placed throughout the space, offering a break along the consumer's shopping journey. 
  • Inspiration: The Expectful Lounge is a relaxing oasis where parents can pause for self-care while browsing products to fit the mother's postpartum needs. 
  • Community: Community events will highlight product launches, parent meet-ups, festivals, and parties. 

In 2022, Babylist drove over $900 million in gross merchandise value and generated over $290 million in revenue. This new showroom is another investment to help broaden Babylist’s offerings and expand its footprint within the market while working with 100s of vendors, retailers, and brands to help extend the reach of their brands.

"Brands understand that consumers wouldn't visit 15 different baby boutiques to learn about their products,” said Lee Anne Grant, chief growth officer, Babylist. “They also don't want to incur the expense of concepting and building out their own spaces, much less signing a long-term lease. Because we have such deep and long-lasting relationships with brands and a proven expertise in bringing them to life online, they approached us to co-create this showroom together."

The new store will officially open on Friday, August 18th.

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