First Look: Walmart Unveils New Health Center Format

Jamie Grill-Goodman
Editor in Chief
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Walmart has opened its first-ever "Walmart Health" center, a standalone facility devoted to health and wellness.

Located in Dallas, GA, adjacent to a remodeled Walmart Supercenter, the Walmart Health center will deliver services including primary care, labs, X-ray and EKG, counseling, dental, optical, hearing, community health (nutritional services, fitness) and health insurance education and enrollment all in one facility. The clinic will provide low, transparent pricing for key health services for local families, regardless of insurance status.

“The customer is at the heart of everything we do, and that focus is reflected in the new Walmart Health center,” said Sean Slovenski, SVP and president of Walmart U.S. Health and Wellness. “This state-of-the-art facility will provide quality, affordable and accessible healthcare for members of the Dallas, Georgia, community so they can get the right care at the right time, right in their hometown.”


Customers will be notified on the estimated cost of their visit when they book their appointment. The cost of services is detailed in a price sheet on Walmart’s website.

The Walmart Health center will be operated by qualified medical professionals, including physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists, behavioral health providers, and optometrists.

Walmart Care Hosts and Community Health Workers onsite will help customers navigate their visit, understand resources and be a familiar presence for regular visits. Working in partnership with wellness organizations, the Health center will also offer specialized community health resources, online education and in-center workshops to educate the community about preventive health and wellness.

The Health center has a separate entrance for customers, located outside the Supercenter store at 3615 Marietta Hwy. A second location, in Calhoun, GA, is scheduled to open early next year.

Additional Superstore Offerings


Essentials PetCare

Essentials PetCare will provide affordable wellness services for dogs and cats, which includes vaccinations, routine care, microchipping, lab work and treating minor illnesses. In 2016, Essentials PetCare launched the very first retail veterinary clinic located within a Walmart store.

Vision Center and Pharmacy

Customers can expect a whole new look and experience with the launch of new Vision Center and Pharmacy concepts that aim to use more technology to drive an enhanced patient experience. The new pharmacy is designed with feedback from thousands of customers.

Walmart has created a Vision Center experience designed around the patient that is convenient, comfortable and affordable. We’ve created a seamless patient experience, featuring multiple service areas so customers can decide how and where they want to receive service.