FIT to Train Students on YuniquePLM in Prod Dev Courses

The Fashion Institute of Technology has implemented YuniquePLM in its "Product Development with PLM" non-credit courses. The addition of a PLM-focused course attests to FIT's dedication to forward-looking technology and hands-on experience with real-world tools.

YuniquePLM, designed specifically for the fashion and retail industries, features extensive functionality in a web-based platform that connects merchandisers, designers and sourcing teams with their global supply chains to optimize their product lifecycle processes. Teams around the world can communicate more effectively, accelerate time to market, ensure quality and reduce errors.

FIT has a long history of educating their students with the industry's best technology. Expanding the course work and technology to PLM is a key progression to better position students for success in their future fashion careers.

The new course comprises interactive training and group dialog to understand how PLM is being implemented today in fashion companies, both small and large, to accelerate the product development process. Areas of focus are digital asset management; concept development; tech pack management; quotation and bid management; sample development; production planning and tracking; pre-concept line management; and materials management.  This non-credit course is now offered on-campus and online, enabling students from around the world access to a world-class education utilizing this industry leading software system.

FIT's implementation of YuniquePLM will continue to expand, eventually replacing WebPDM™ in all campus courses, both credit and non-credit, training over 500 new student users every semester.

Bill Brewster, vice president and general manager of Yunique Solutions, said, "We are thrilled to partner with FIT, the internationally recognized college for design, fashion, art and business. PLM education is key to innovation as today's students will be the greatest assets to the industry and will ultimately drive innovations that impact future generations.”

As the industry continues to become more global, businesses have increasingly turned to PLM to connect all the nodes of the supply chain. Institutions that provide PLM education prepare the next wave of industry professionals with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to transform intellectual assets into deliverable goods. Fitting with its mission statement, FIT is committed to innovation and experiential learning opportunities; PLM is one component of its larger mission.
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