FitCode Gains Momentum With Latest Customer, Silver Jeans


Silver Jeans Co. now offers customers a personalized, fit-focused shopping experience enabled by Fitcode, a fashion-data company that specializes in women's denim.

"After seeing the results from the Fitcode integration on our site, this decision was simple," says Mike G Girardin, director of e-commerce at Silver Jeans Co.™ and JAG Jeans, an existing Fitcode partner. "Users converted at four times their normal rate. Fitcode took care of all the heavy lifting, and of all the technical integrations we've done to date, this was by far the easiest."

The Fitcode fit experience will integrate on, allowing consumers to take the Fitcode fit quiz and shop personalized style recommendations for their unique body types.

For Silver Jeans Co.™, the partnership with Fitcode promises to drive sales and engagement — just in time to help customers shop with confidence for new fall styles and silhouettes. Results from past partner integrations demonstrate that consumers are at least three times more likely to purchase using Fitcode.

"We're looking forward to a long, successful partnership with Silver," says Rian Buckley, Fitcode co-founder and CEO. "We can't wait to help them drive sales and engagement, while supporting the success of their brand's fresh new look and offerings."

Fitcode previously integrated with Hudson Jeans in fall 2016, JAG Jeans in February 2017, and AG in April 2017. It's slated to go live with JOE'S Jeans next month.

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