FKI Logistex Introduces Advanced Roller Conveyor

 FKI Logistex recently launched its Logistex MR 200 Motorized Roller Conveyor, unveiled as a time-saving, energy-efficient system that is part of the company's new "Case Conveyor Solutions" (LCCS) product family.

The MR200 provides a 24-volt motorized roller "zero-contact accumulation" feature as well as a standard control module for straightforward programming without the need for reengineering or additional tools, according to the firm.

The MR200's "run-on-demand logic" is designed to increase energy savings vs. a conventional conveyor. The MR200 reduces wiring and includes molded connections that decrease potential points of failure. According to FKI Logistex, wiring and hardware LED status indicators simplify diagnostics and troubleshooting.
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