Fleur du Mal Launches Mobile Pop-Up Stores with Usablenet

Fleur du Mal, a luxury lifestyle lingerie brand, launched a context-rich, next-generation mobile Web experience in partnership with Usablenet, a provider of mobile and multi-channel technology. The mobile experience features touch-optimized UX, deep social integration and the first mobile pop-up store.
The retailer leveraged Usablenet's U-Experience platform to create a personalized mobile Web experience that enables seamless discovery and engagement. In addition, Fleur du Mal is leveraging Usablenet's U-Control content decision tool to dynamically manage the content, promotions and messaging delivered via the mobile browser – independently from the desktop – in real-time.
The innovative pop-up store functionality enables Fleur du Mal to create a "store within a store" to target users of the mobile site with unique product offerings and special deals. The geolocation-enabled pop-up provides the retailer with the flexibility to deliver targeted campaigns and functionality to users, based on pre-determined triggers such as entering a specific location or event. Fleur du Mal is using U-Control to deploy functionality and manage pop-up store campaigns.
The mobile experience is optimized for browsing that fosters deep user engagement and enhanced discovery. To optimize conversions, the site has been designed for speed, with fewer pages required to load and access to product pages throughout the customer journey. The site also enables campaign and promotional support through the mobile pop-up store, which Fleur du Mal is able to manage through U-Control.
To drive social engagement, the mobile site includes dynamic feeds for Instagram and Twitter, with access to popular social channels that enable users to share their favorite products. Hastags from Instagram and Twitter are also incorporated into the mobile experience, and U-Control enables the retailer to manage social content and feeds in real-time.
"Our brand is all about inspiring a very intimate experience, and we sought to create a mobile identity that enables our customer to have a great relationship with the brand," said Jennifer Zuccarini, founder of Fleur du Mal. "Usablenet enabled us to create a mobile experience we can strategically use to drive engagement on our customers' most personal device: their mobile phones."
The Fleur du Mal mobile site is built on top of Usablenet's Web services platform, leveraging the retailer's desktop site and e-commerce platform built by Acadaca. The Usablenet platform created a suite of Web services that enable the next-gen functionality on the mobile site. This approach allows Fleur du Mal to leverage their mobile investment across additional channels like the tablet.
Usablenet's Web services layer further enabled Fleur du Mal to create its mobile experience in a way that can be seamlessly integrated with other channels. The brand is currently working with Usablenet on a dedicated table Web experience that will be released this year.
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