Flexible and Mobile

Mobile technology is advancing so quickly that retailers may be concerned about devices becoming obsolete by the time they’re actually deployed. New mobile solutions are being designed to be adaptable on an ongoing basis. From devices based on open source development platforms that can be reconfigured for new technologies in the field to solutions that access easily updateable Web sites, flexibility is literally built in.

Printer technology is becoming increasingly specialized, ranging from truly compact mobile printers that are only two inches wide to printers designed to facilitate fast, efficient shipping.

etdymo1210.jpgSpeeding and Simplifying Shipping Processes
DYMO offers a printer specifically designed to quickly create address and shipping labels, as well as name badges, file folder labels and postage. The LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo prints up to 71 labels per minute, and creates labels directly from text in Microsoft Word, Outlook and other software programs. The printer includes DYMO Label Software that makes it simple to design professional-looking labels and manage address books. www.dymo.com

Leveraging Mobile Web and 2D Barcodes
Canon U.S.A. is deploying a solution that combines the research and purchase phases of the in-store shopping experience. The solution, designed by Knotice, leverages the mobile Web and 2D barcodes. Shoppers or store associates use smartphones to scan Canon printer product labels equipped with Microsoft Tag 2D barcodes, launching a device-optimized mobile microsite. The site contains user-generated ratings and reviews, video product demos and detailed product information. www.knotice.com

Compact Printers Optimized for Mobile Applications
etPrintek1210.jpgPrinters that can literally be held in the palm of one’s hand from PrintekMobile can be used for a wide range of mobile applications. The two-inch LCM20 and LCM25 thermal printers feature a fixed head thermal mechanism and a simple loading system, with a strong case design that eliminates hinge stress while allowing for drop-in insertion of a paper roll with up to a 124-foot capacity. Power options for both models include a standard version with a rechargeable battery; the LCM25 has optional versions for direct plug-in to an AC outlet or hard wiring to a DC source. Mounting options are available for both printers, and connectivity options include RS232, IrDA and Bluetooth interfaces. www.printekmobile.com

Modular Mobile Computing
The Psion Omnii XT10 is a rugged, modular handheld computer for demanding environments such as supply chain and logistics operations. It features extended battery life and a battery health grade feature that warns when the battery is reaching the end of its lifecycle. The device operates on the Psion Omnii mobile computing platform, which uses an Open Source Mobility business model to be almost completely reconfigurable in the field. Devices built on this platform can be adapted for new technologies or repurposed as user needs change. www.psionteklogix.com/omnii

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