Following Record-breaking Justin Boots Deployment, Conductiv Lauches POS for Pop-ups

Mobile commerce software provider Conductiv launched its Interact Mobile POS Solution, customized for retail pop-up stores.

"Our Pop-Up POS solution is designed specifically for retailers looking to extend their reach," says Jeff Saunders, Conductiv's COO. "Speed, simplicity and security are at the core of our Mobile Pop-Up POS."

"Now that WiFi and cell service are virtually everywhere, retailers can be more creative with how and where to sell their brands—in front of the store, at an outdoor fair, even in the middle of Rockefeller Plaza," says Bob Daughton, executive vice-chairman of Conductiv. "In addition, retailers are finding that our Pop-Up solution is a great 'line-buster' to handle peak traffic periods and critical sales peaks in their traditional brick-and-mortar locations."

Two recent success stories of businesses selling smarter and better with Conductiv's Mobile Pop-Up POS are Justin Boots, a Berkshire Hathaway company, and Bellview Winery, recently voted New Jersey's top winery.

Justin Boots: new sales record at Berkshire Hathaway event
At the 2013 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting, Justin Boots set up a pop-up store using Conductiv's Mobile Pop-Up system, and sold over 1,000 pairs of boots in 10 hours. That's an average of one and a half pairs per minute, handily breaking their previous sales record. "This exceeded even our most optimistic projections," said Chuck Schmalbach, Justin Boots VP of Sales and Administration. "There is simply no way we could have sold anywhere near this amount in such a limited retail space without Conductiv. It was an amazingly easy system to use, and the Conductiv approach was cheap and easy to deploy. And it was fast."

Bellview Winery: increased sales from a small footprint
New Jersey's Bellview Winery extended the reach of its tasting room into wine festivals this summer with Conductiv's Mobile Pop-Up system. On average, they are selling over 600 bottles of wine every 8 hours, or one and a quarter bottles per minute, while increasing their wine club membership and brand recognition. Using Conductiv at the winery while hosting special events like the 2013 Seafood & Wine Festival, Bellview sold over 1,700 bottles, or more than three and a half bottles per minute for 8 straight hours.

Jim Quarella, Owner of Bellview Winery, was very pleased with the system's performance and said: "Conductiv allowed us to track and manage all of our sales in each of our distinct sales locations in one system. We had a very large sales volume over the weekend, and with Conductiv we were able to easily keep our lines short even with overwhelming crowds. It was also extremely easy to train new employees who have never used the system in a matter of minutes."

"Retailers really appreciate that Conductiv is a nondisruptive system. It works as a full-featured standalone POS, or it works as a mobile extension of existing systems like Retail Pro or Microsoft's RMS," says Rob O'Farrell, Conductiv's CTO. "And we cover all of the operational needs for a pop-up: secure payments, cash handling, CRM, sales/inventory reporting and other KPIs. Plus, it sets up in minutes. It really is a 'works-right-out-of-the-box' solution."
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