Food Retailers Group Adopts Web-Based Product Recall Solution

The Retailer Owned Food Distributors & Associates (ROFDA) has endorsed the use of a Web-based recall process management platform. The Recall InfoLink solution has been deployed successfully at ROFDA members Affiliated Foods of Amarillo, Associated Grocers-Baton Rouge, Olean Wholesale Grocers and Associated Grocers of the South. Other members of ROFDA, the nation's largest cooperative of independent food wholesalers, are expected to implement the system later this year.

The solution's product recall management platform protects brand image, reduces liability and brings value to all businesses involved in processing recalls. It improves efficiency by providing standardized messages, automated communications, inventory tracking and reports for compliance officers.

"Our members that have implemented the Recall InfoLink system report vastly improved recall execution, which helps them protect not only the brand reputations of their retail owners and supplier partners but more importantly the end consumers," said ROFDA president and CEO Francis Cameron in a statement. "The solution is comprehensive and easy to use, so our grocers can quickly and effective remove potentially harmful product from the supply chain."

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