Francis Bitonti Follows Dita Von Teese 3D Printed Gown With High-Tech Shoes

Blurring the lines between fashion and technology, avante-garde architect turned fashion designer Francis Bitonti is embracing the fashion-tech revolution with his new 3D-printed "Molecule" Shoe Collection. 
Exclusively designed in the Francis Bitonti Studio in New York City, Bitonti has teamed up with Adobe to bring the first functional 3D printed shoe to life. This is Bitonti's biggest unveiling since his fully articulated 3D printed dress worn by Dita Von Teese at the Ace Hotel in New York. The "Molecule" Shoe Collection will premier in London via an Adobe-partnered print show.

The shoes are manufactured using Adobe 3D printing technology, and Bitonti's "disruptive manufacturing" skills and ideas using digital renderings and specification. Each shoe in the collection is specially coated with a material that will help it to withstand moderate wear and tear. The new capsule collection is grown in the digital environment one pixel at a time. Each shoe in the collection renders a different system with unique structural configuration that in turn supports each body differently.
"Making the impossible possible is what I live for. This Adobe partnership is a testimony to the growing marriage between design and technology," Bitonti says. "Shoes are what completes an outfit, they inspire style choices and speak to just about everyone. I of course wanted to create a line with a sophisticated appearance and a super-modern touch. I think we are moving quite rapidly as society, however as far as disruptive design via luxury and fashion goes we are rarely embracing the technological possibilities around us. It's time to move forward, and I am steering my designs and work ahead with the times."
Hoping to prove that new technologies can be used to create wearable, practical everyday items, the designer hopes his design innovations will inspire a new wave of design in the fashion industry. Bitonti is known for working with Michael Schmidt Studios, Shapeways, and Ace Hotel to create the 3D printed gown for Von Teese. Infusing his admiration for prestigious new age technological developments, Bitonti has become a brand known to fuse out-of-this-world ideas with modern appeal to create mesmerizing couture pieces. In a world that is constantly moving, Francis Bitonti is not only growing his brand to move with the times, but also pushing the fashion industry forward one innovative notion at a time.
Photos of The Molecule Collection will be released only after the 3D printed shoe has been unveiled at the Adobe-led London Print Show.
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