Frank And Oak Unifying POS & Order Management

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Frank And Oak, a sustainable fashion retailer and brand under the United Commerce Group (UCG) portfolio, is integrating NewStore’s technology to improve its omnichannel experiences.

The NewStore platform will replace Frank And Oak’s legacy POS system to provide mobile checkout, endless aisle, store fulfillment, inventory management, cash management and more.

It will also replace the existing order management system to integrate e-commerce and store inventory, enabling the retailer, which operates 11 stores in Canada, to offer all inventory to customers regardless of location or purchase channel.

All of this will be managed by store managers and associates on iPhone apps, and the brand will have a single system for all inventory, orders, and customer data.

“Born as a digitally native brand, Frank And Oak has experimented with various omnichannel capabilities, none of which have been easy to manage on the backend,” said Dustin Jones, UCG co-founder and CEO. “NewStore will be critical to removing any remaining friction, for customers and associates, enabling us to fuel our expansion globally with an omnichannel approach.”

He added: “NewStore’s technology now means setting up new stores for Frank And Oak is going to be as simple as shipping out a box of iPhones, a model we look forward to replicating for our other brands.”

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