French Pharmacies Reads Data Matrix Codes with Datalogic Scanning

Pharmacies across the entire European Union (EU) will be required to read Data Matrix codes on pharmaceutical and drug packaging starting January 2011. To ease the challenges of this transition, Datalogic Scanning developed the Magellan 1000i imager, designed specifically for use in pharmacies, while also supporting general retail scanning applications.

Data Matrix codes support both encrypted and non-encrypted data. The new codes contain more data than the current CIP codes being replaced, including the 'AMM' code, batch number and expiration date. To decode 2D Data Matrix symbols on pharmaceutical labels, intelligent imaging readers are required. To support this requirement, Datalogic Scanning developed the Magellan 1000i imager, which can read multiple 1D and 2D codes in a single presentation, or scanning motion.

Using a combination of software and firmware, the Magellan 1000i imager can sort and relay data contained in the code in a predefined order. The new Data Matrix codes are already being printed on many medicine and drug packages to ease the transition from the current bar code system.
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