fullbeauty.com and FIT Announce Student Plus-size Design Award

Plus-size e-commerce marketplace fullbeauty.com is celebrating body diversity and its continuous support of the full-figured fashion revolution with its first ever fullbeauty Award. As a brand that continues to re-define the industry with its commitment to ensuring curvy women look good and feel great in the clothes they wear, the fullbeauty Award design competition aims to expand the definition of clothing design and beauty beyond a one-size ideal. 

In partnership with the Fashion Institute of Technology, the competition challenges tomorrow's leading fashion designers with creating a collection of looks that inspire women to not just love their curves, but to own them.   

"As an FIT alum, I am personally very excited that FULLBEAUTY Brands has partnered with FIT on the fullbeauty Award," said FULLBEAUTY brands vice p\resident of design Zahir Babvani. "Our mission at fullbeauty is to empower women of all shapes & sizes. This mission goes beyond clothes. It's about creating a community and a movement towards inclusiveness. We thought what better way than to start at the source, by impacting future designers at the start of their career. The key is to get these future influencers' thinking to expand their definition of clothing design beyond a one size ideal and use their creativity to celebrate women's bodies and make them feel good."

The inaugural fullbeauty Award competition commenced with the launch of fullbeauty.com's Fall 2015 body diversity campaign, #OwnYourCurves. Starring pop singer Meghan Trainor, this campaign aims to promote body positivity and women's empowerment. As a natural extension of the campaign, Meghan Trainor also served as a guest judge for the design competition alongside the FULLBEAUTY Brands design team.   "Fullbeauty.com is more than an online marketplace. I feel that it is incredibly important to empower women of all body types. I'm very proud of what these creative young designers did," said Trainor.

fullbeauty.com selected FIT junior Jinwoo Hong, from South Korea, as the winner of the 2015 fullbeauty Award. Hong's full-figured collection was chosen because it best demonstrated excellence in the categories of creativity, innovation and style.  For Jinwoo Hong's design prowess, he will be awarded $2,500, a profile in fullbeauty magazine, and a paid FULLBEAUTY Brands design internship to commence in 2016. Cash awards were also presented to runners-up Wei Lin and Aleksandra Gosiewski for their designs.

"fullbeauty redefines feminine beauty and makes women love every part of themselves," Hong said. "It breaks the stereotype that slim women are only beautiful. This collection is basically focused on an elemental theme of beauty and well-being. The exposed curvy lines of body and prints make women energetic and lovely."  
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