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Future Focus: 2024’s Retail Trends and Predictions



Webinar Date: Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2023, at 11 a.m. ET

As we look ahead to another year in retail, it’s important to separate overhyped buzz terms from key emerging trends and table stakes technologies.

Join this webinar to delve into the retail landscape of 2024, bypassing the obvious and focusing on the topics that are really reshaping the industry. On December 5th, AWS’s David Dorf will join Jamie Goodman-Grill, Editor-in-Chief, RIS News, to explore the trends and tech innovations that have gained significant traction in recent months and are poised to have an outsized impact in the coming year.

Join to learn about:

  • The top ten trends to watch next year, and predictions on their impacts.
  • Game-changing innovations retailers are actively exploring, from generative AI and retail media networks to immersive retail and computer vision.
  • Retail shrink and solutions that safeguard business without compromising customer experience.
  • Sustainability and how retailers are prioritizing transparency in supply chains.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to cut through the noise and hear from leaders who have an ear to the ground on what’s really happening in retail now and in the future.

Future Focus: 2024’s Retail Trends and Predictions : Speakers

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