The Future of Retail Begins in the Store

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By RIS News - 05/15/2018



As online and off-line retail evolve to meet the demands of the omnichannel shopper, stores have emerged as epicenters of experimentation, innovation and digital transformation.

Join this webinar to learn about the flood of new technologies coming to stores and how to prepare associates for using new applications, mobile devices, in-store fulfillment processes, AI-driven decisions, gamification, hyper-local assortment plans, and more!

Key topics this webinar include:

  • The importance of task management tools to ensure smooth operations occur while introducing new technologies and processes
  • Recognizing the supply chain is an end-to-end system that has a major impact on store performance and the introduction of omni-retail functions and services
  • Shoppers think and act mobile-first, but store associates do not. Help associates make this shift.
  • In omni-retail, fulfillment includes the store and associates have to make it happen.
  • Increasing automation is coming to stores, but associates will always be needed. Help them prepare for an automated future.
  • Other key topics covered include: employee engagement, evolving B2B technology so it looks and operates like consumer technology, machine-created algorithms that automate merchandising decisions, and the future of in-store camera, image-recognition and computer vision technology.

Find out how stores have been thrust into the unique position of becoming a proving ground for the future of retail and a laboratory for experimenting with new technologies and solving operational challenges.





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