Gap Leverages Best-in-Class Technologies

The Gap, Inc.'s CEO Arthur Peck said the clothing retailer is "not letting up on the throttle" as it goes after the areas of CRM, data, personalization and technology. While Gap's sales totaled $3.8 billion, down 2% versus last year,  third quarter 2016 total operating expenses were up $78 million to $1.1 billion, including $35 million related to restructuring charges.

Peck said the company is focused on bringing together every aspect of the customer across data, consumer insights, digital touch points and in-store experiences to create a holistic 360-degree view of the customer. It expects to soon be able to deliver "meaningful benefits to that customer," in the areas of loyalty, personalization, rounded in-store experience, and digital experience.

Peck also noted the company continues to see customers move from a desktop or a laptop experience to "not just doing business on their mobile device, but really engaging the brand on their mobile device."  Thus the company is continuing to put effort into the mobile space, including important basics like improving site speed, how fast pages load, and allowing the mobile site to process a variety of forms of rich content.

"We see mobile as fundamentally where our consumer starts and often times ends their journey and we need to make sure that we have a mobile experience that is commensurate with every other quality touch point that we have with our brands," said Peck.

The retailer has also been working on its supply chain and buying very tight in the specialty channel. By building responsive supply chain capabilities and re-engineering the front end of the business, the company can buy on a much more continuous basis. This change allows the retailer to remain open as it gets closer to the season and also deliver newness constantly into stores.

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