The Gen Y Workforce: Evaluating Retail's Fresh Talent Pool

A recent study conducted by Brill Street + Company, a talent acquisition agency that connects emerging Gen Y talent and employers across all industries, asked Generation Y workers about their place in today's workforce.

The conversation focused largely on technology and new media as respondents discussed the marketing power of social networks, the amount of time they spend online, and how employers often limit the use of new media tools that could help make a company more relevant.

"The power of this generation in corporate America cannot be underestimated," says Brandi Blades, vice president of marketing for Brill Street. "Our study provides valuable insights into the way Gen Y works."

"When new minds utilize new technology, brands and businesses grow," says Joe Dwyer, CEO Brill Street. "With the proper tools and a relevant corporate culture, Gen Y can make the difference between a ho-hum brand with average sales to one with extraordinary market share."

Dwyer adds that surveys like this one give employers a sense of how to harness the power of the fresh talent pool.

For a copy of the research results or for a personal webinar, contact Brandi Blades at [email protected].

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