Gerber Adds 3D Tech to AccuMark CAD Software

Gerber Technology announces the availability of 3D visualization technology as an optional module for AccuMark® 10, its integrated CAD pattern design, grading, planning and marker making software.

"Virtual sampling is the answer to reducing time and cost in development and sample making," said Mary McFadden, director of CAD product management with Gerber Technology. "Combined with our AccuMark 10 software, 3D technology makes it possible to reduce and even eliminate process steps and interactions among design, sample making and merchandising teams to help designers optimize their time and speed up important feedback cycles. Our rapid development cycle will elevate AccuMark beyond current available systems."

According to McFadden, 3D technology is a visualization tool that assists all along the design and development process. "It will help the pattern maker to know whether the pattern works in the design, the designer to refine the details of the creation, and to visualize the fit and comfort of the garment on the model, all without actually making the garment," she said. "This technology can assist all the way through to merchandising, where it can be used in e-commerce."

Gerber's 3D solution leverages sophisticated 3D graphics and animation technology called Blender. The technology has been used widely in the animation, movie, video game and simulation industries. Its broad spectrum of modeling, texturing, lighting and simulation capabilities make it one of the most popular Open Source 3D graphics applications in the world. "Blender is an extremely robust simulation engine which allows us to get a realistic visualization of fit and movement of a garment. Our internal development team and the large global community of developers working with Blender give us a tremendous edge advancing the use of 3D." McFadden said.

Gerber was one of the first to introduce pattern making software for the apparel industry. Today, AccuMark CAD systems are used by more than 15,000 customers, including many of the world's leading fashion brands. Gerber has launched technologies that have become the benchmarks for CAD pattern making, grading, planning and marker making software, as well as for automated spreading and cutting machines.

"The applications of 3D technology are broad and will have an impact on the digital worlds of garment development and merchandising, and ultimately on the physical worlds of production and fit," said Mike Elia, Gerber Technology's CEO. "Gerber's breadth of technology positions us to lead the way in creating solutions for our customers that enhance the design process, automate manufacturing workflows and provide full product line management."

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